Yin and yang. It's a term in Chinese philosophy that describes how seemingly opposite forces may actually be complementary in the natural world. Simply said, they are two halves that together complete wholeness. [...]

Cindi Goodeaux has a joy that overflows so much, she created an alter ego by the name of Giggle Blossom—a loveable and yes, giggly clown, to help her bring that joy to others. In 2010, she went to clown school, developed her character, and then set out to spread happiness among others. Giggle Blossom was a tour de force, but in 2016, Cindi, a Communications Analyst [...]

Congratulations to Judy Ellis, Organizational Performance Consultant! As part of our partnership with the Jefferson Awards Foundation Champion program, Judy was named Florida [...]

Stephanie Westerman, Program Manager, Enterprise Learning & Delivery, has a passion. Her true desire is to be more engaged in Down syndrome advocacy and make a difference for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. And that passion came to her in the most unexpected way – with the birth of her daughter. Here’s how her story, her passion, began. Step [...]

“When it rains, it pours” is a proverb meaning that sometimes, misfortunes tend to follow in quick succession or arrive all at the same time. We’ve all been there – looking for an umbrella to get us out of the storm. Deanna Stewart, a Referral Specialist at University of Florida’s UF Health Women’s Specialists in Jacksonville, recently had her own personal downpour, but through a lot of hard wo [...]

Wounded Warrior Track Program

Posted on Aug 17th 2015 by Karen Thompson

When our military men and women come home from serving in other countries, especially if they have been in a war zone, they face many hurdles. Transitioning to non-military life, finding a job and rebuilding relationships are just a few of the major changes many service personnel have to navigate. Many face physical injuries that require medical care for a long time – maybe forever. But many ti [...]

In the final article in our breast cancer survivor series, Michele Wilson, sales analyst, large group enrollment operations, shares her recent breast cancer diagnosis and the journey toward surviving. In June of this year, Wilson went for her annual mammogram. A few days later she received a p [...]

In December 2006, Tana Crane, developer, service business infomatics, felt a lump and some pain in her right breast. She wasn’t too concerned; like many women, she’d heard that breast cancer didn’t usually have painful symptoms, and besides, she was only 32 years old - too young to be thinking it could be something serious. She already had her annual exam scheduled with her doctor [...]

In the first article of our breast cancer survivor series, I mentioned I received a request from an employee to write about breast cancer survivors during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I a [...]

I received a request from one of my fellow Florida Blue employees to write a breast cancer survivor series during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to bring awareness to the disease and celebrate employees that are survivors. I jumped at the chance and asked a few brave women to share their stories. Keep an eye out for their profiles in courage as they are shared throughout the rest of th [...]