A key to heart healthy eating is choosing foods that are low in sodium. The current recommendation is to limit daily salt intake to 2,300 milligrams, or approximately a teaspoon of table salt. It’s probably not surprising to hear that most Americans consume more sodium than recommended. But what may surpris [...]

5 Myths and Facts About Fats

Posted on May 21st 2013 by Florida Blue

Long ago, fats were considered not only something that could destroy a diet, but could also contribute to cardiovascular disease to diabetes. After many years of research, we now look as fats as a necessary item. While there are some fats that are bad, they are not all created equal. Below are five my [...]

With as diet-obsessed as we are as a nation, you might assume that the most important number for you to know about your health is your weight. In reality, there are other figures related to your health that are more closely correlated to being healthy overall – and your weight isn’t one of them! According to sources ranging from [...]

When you see a problem as challenging as childhood obesity, you might wonder if anything can truly be done to reverse it. Fortunately, there are groups here in Florida who run towards the problem with expertise, compassion and dedication. The [...]

Here in Florida, we know that major health care changes are rapidly approaching. Sometimes a major change is good and sometimes it can be frustrating, like the recent changes proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS has announced that they plan to implement a 2.3 percent reduction in Medicare Advantage payments for 2014. With the other payment reduction [...]

You could win a $25 gift card and 25-minute massage on 12/15 from 11am to 2pm. We know the holidays can be a crazy time, but we’re always here to help. That’s why we’ve put together an extra-special Twitter contest just for you. On the week leading up to 12/15, we’ll be sending out tweets asking people for fun responses about their holiday stress relief. All you have to do is respond wit [...]

My Migration is Nearly Over

Posted on Nov 14th 2012 by Florida Blue

[Editor's note: This post was guest-authored by Stella the Whale, a life-size mural of an Atlantic right whale painted by the artist Wyland. The Wyland Foundation organized her 700-mile migration which has taken her to schools across the state in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment, s [...]

In residency, as I was studying to become a doctor, I clearly remember one of my instructors referring to diabetes as a “metabolic cancer.” She said that the disease ravaged the body like a cancer, destroying the eyes, limbs, kidneys and in fact, every organ in the body. She said that she had to choose  between Hodgkin’s disease (a cancer of the immune system) or diabetes, she would choose Hodgkin [...]

Halfway there!

Posted on Nov 6th 2012 by Florida Blue

Editor's note: This article was contributed by guest author, Stella the Whale, an Atlantic right whale mural that is the centerpiece of a Wyland Foundation project. This program will teach children about the importance of their own health and the health of the environment. For a whale like me, migration is a way of life. It's [...]

Introducing Stella the Whale

Posted on Oct 15th 2012 by Florida Blue

 My name is Stella the Whale. My friends at Florida Blue were nice enough to let me drop in and tell you about my journey starting October 14 and ending November 17. Children across the state of Florida are helping me, a life-size illustration of a baby right whale painted by renowned artist, Wylan [...]