Your home is your castle. It’s where you eat, play and raise your family — if the walls could talk, what would they say? You might be surprised about the “dirty“ secrets that may lurk within, such as pests, allergens, contaminants and other hazards that can lead to serious [...]

10 Healthy Holiday Gifts Ideas

Posted on Dec 3rd 2013 by Florida Blue

Who needs candy canes or restaurant gift cards when you can give the gift of health to family and friends on your list—without breaking the bank? Here are 10  healthy holiday gift ideas. [...]

On November 14th, the Federal Government announced new guidelines that now give individuals who buy their own insurance, the option to keep their existing Florida Blue health plan. If you have an individual plan and you like it, [...]

What is Depression? Depression goes beyond feeling a little down from time to time. Depression creeps into every part of your life. It can affect your thoughts, feelings, actions and physical health. Depression is not a weakness or result of laziness or personal failure. It is a medical condition. There are different types of depression: major depression, seasonal depression, psych [...]

When you're carving pumpkins this season, don't throw away the seeds, as they are a versatile and healthful snack! Here are some pumpkin seed flavoring ideas and a recipe to show you that it really is a fun snack for the season. For the most nutrients, you can eat them raw, or you can use different [...]

Like Florida's summer weather, our state's public health forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Looking into the clouds, the state’s HIV rate is twice the national average, and 10 percent of Americans diagnosed with AIDS live in Florida. Overweight and obesity rates for children and adults in Florida, 33 percent and 65 percent respectively, are slightly above national levels. Hospitaliz [...]

It might be the first time that the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became real for you was the day you received a letter from us that left you thinking your policy was canceled. Here’s the good news: unless you say otherwise, you [...]

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it is all about spreading one simple, powerful message: Early breast cancer detection and prompt treatment saves lives The size of breast cancer and how far [...]

The simple answer is innovation … in the way we deliver and pay for care. But as The Blueprint for a Healthier Florida 2013, produced by the [...]

Earlier this month, Samsung beat Apple and others in introducing the first highly anticipated smartwatch, which tech analysts quickly trashed. One simply asked, how smart can a smartwatch be and will the smartwatch make you healthier? The critics were missing the point tha [...]