The cascade of holidays at the end of the year sometimes make it hard to finish the year on a healthy note, with so many parties, celebrations and delicious food. If you make it through Thanksgiving without an extra pound or two, that’s a good start. But the month or so that follows can test your willpower and your waistline. The annual holiday-palooza starts Dec. 10, with the first day [...]

You know that close talker who always seems to corner you at large family gatherings? Or that goofy uncle you only see during the holidays who tells the same stories every year? You should be safe from both of those this year if you follow safety guidelines for holiday celebrations. The Centers for Disea [...]

We’ve all seen the slapstick scenes in Home Alone, when Kevin McCallister fights off bad guys using a series [...]

One size doesn’t fit all. That statement couldn’t be more truer especially when it comes to your health care coverage. That’s why we’ve given you more options for how to pay your monthly plan premium.  It’s convenient, secure and easy to set-up. Medicare Advantage members can now make premium payments online using a credit card. You can also enter your email address when yo [...]

Turning 65 is a milestone birthday that sets the stage for important life-changing events, such as enrolling in Medicare. Understanding your options and available Medicare health plans will help you make the right choice to protect your health now and later. [...]

In a world with so much uncertainty, having affordable health care coverage gives you peace of mind, knowing you and your family will be covered for the care you need, including emergencies. There are several levels of plans to choose from for myBlue, an HMO health plan that has our lowest premiums. Most having a $0 to low-cost copay when you see an in-network primary care doctor. And, [...]

From live video and audio to instant messaging, there are now more ways than ever for you to communicate with your doctors when an in-person visit isn’t possible or necessary. Many Florida Blue providers are offering virtual care to their patients. Check with your doctor to see if that’s an option. And most members who purchased an individual or family plan on their own and many [...]

Want the ability to easily compare your current Florida Blue health plan with another Florida Blue plan? Well, you’re in luck. With the self-service Premium and Plan Compare tool, Florida Blue members who purchased an individual or family health plan on their own, can review their current plan and compare it to next year’s plans. The tool gives you the ability to contrast costs, benefit [...]

Everywhere you look, people are affected in some way—financially, physically or emotionally—by COVID-19. Florida Blue wants to lessen the burden by reminding you to complete health and wellness activities by the end of the year, so you can earn rewards toward your premium and other medical services and supplies. For Members with Affordable Care Act Plans If you [...]

Chances are good that you’ve earned rewards for taking care of your health this year. So, make sure to check your 2020 HealthyBlue Rewards dashboard. All rewards must be redeemed no later than midnight ET on December 31, 2020 and your rewards dashboard resets as of January 1.* Click here if you need help on [...]