Florida Blue, the state’s leading health insurer, announced it is more than tripling its COVID-19 community investments to over $7 million. In March, the insurer provided an initial $2 million to organizations across the state to address urgent health and safety needs. Florida Blue will invest an additional $2.5 million to provide access to testing and health care, food security and other essen [...]

Flu shots and regular vaccinations are one of the most important ways to help protect you and your family this season.  To make it a little easier to get up to date on your vaccinations, Florida Blue Centers around the state are offering a series of vaccination clinics. The clinics are 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on certain Wednesdays (Oct. 27 and Nov. 3) and Saturdays (Oct. 16 and Nov. 13). [...]

Florida Blue is supporting residents of Surfside and the South Florida community in several ways after last week’s heartbreaking building collapse. “The Surfside community suffered an unimaginable tragedy on [...]

We all want to get back to the things we’ve missed since COVID-19 stormed into our lives last year. That could be just a shot or two away for you. The cost for the COVID-19 vaccine is $0 for most Florida Blue members.* And those who buy insurance on their own or get it through their job may receive a $10 reward** through Better You Strides for getting vaccinated this year [...]

For many Americans, stress and anxiety levels have grown exponentially since the onset of the global pandemic. No one is immune to these challenges, not even professional athletes. This week in particular has been a stressful one for [...]

What makes people healthy? Is it the food we eat, getting enough rest, medicine when we’re sick? Or does health require more—a network of loving relationships, knowing where your next meal is coming from, mental health care to navigate stress and sadness when life gives you its worst. Florida is filled with organizations that work towards keeping us healthy by tending to the social fabr [...]

For two years, Gabrielle Jordan spent every weekend alone. She stayed home. She ordered food instead of going to the grocery store and she didn’t talk to a lot of people. Years after being diagnosed with a genetic condition called Best’s Vitelliform macular dystrophy, she could no longer see well enough to drive or cross the street by herself. She even felt anxious about walking with a [...]

The Florida Blue Centers continue to provide virtual support, services and events during the pandemic. Your neighborhood nurses, community specialists and sales and service specialists can answer questions about COVID-19, testing sites, community resources, navigating the health care system, virtual care, checking enrollment eligibility and other issues. Call 877-352-5830 to be routed to your l [...]

Want to print out your own list of doctors in your plan and area? Or receive a printed Evidence of Coverage or covered prescription drug list (formulary) in the mail? If you’re a Florida Blue Medicare Advantage member, you can get started right in My Health Link™ at floridablue.com/medicare. [...]

You already know that properly managing your blood pressure may help lower your risk for heart disease and stroke. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough physical activity play key roles in doing that. That’s why Florida Blue Medicare Advantage plans include SilverSneakers® as your fitness benefit at no additional cost. Florida Blue Medicare Supplement members can add a SilverSneakers [...]