Everyone gets struck by life’s blows, even when you’re the legendary Dick Vitale, the renowned sports broadcaster and former professional basketball coach. From medical issues to job changes, there were many times when Vitale thought his world was crashing in on him, but he always found a way to bounce back. In part two of my chat with the Hall of Famer and Florida Blue member, Dickie V [...]

When you meet Dick Vitale, you can’t help but be inspired by his charisma and enthusiasm for life. The Hall of Fame sportscaster and former college and NBA coach has an energy that is contagious, as are his Vitale-isms. As the man who coined terms such as “diaper dandy,””Mr. Pac Man” and “Wilson Sandwich,” I wasn’t too surprised when a passerby yelled out his most famous phrase, “awesome baby,” [...]

University of South Florida doctoral student Gabriel Saffold’s idea for the next big thing in health care came from his young son’s beloved toy. When Jingly the Camel’s battery died, electrical engineering student Saffold discovered the process was far more complicated than replacing the batteries in a remote control. He had to buy a specific battery, tear the stuffed animal apart, repl [...]

Alignment Healthcare opens care centers exclusively for Florida Health Care Plan’s BlueMedicare Preferred HMO members ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. – A new model for health care for Medicare beneficiaries in Florida has come to Pinellas County. Two new Alignment Healthcare Centers are now open in Eagles Park Shopping Center in St. Petersburg, an [...]