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Delaying or skipping a mammogram, even just one time, could be hazardous to your health. [...]

For decades, Black people have been less likely to get a flu shot than people from other races. The same has been true for COVID-19 vaccinations. Some of the reasons for Black people not getting vaccinated date back decades, according to Dr. Cynthia Griffin, vice president of Medicare pharmacy programs at Florida Blue. They center on trust issues, misperceptions and fears. Other barrier [...]

The flu and COVID-19 are similar enough to cause confusion about vaccines. While the flu and COVID-19 are both contagious respiratory illnesses, they're caused by different viruses. And their vaccines use different technologies. That’s why health experts urge you to get vaccinated for both conditions. If you’re thinking the flu isn’t all that bad, think again. The flu can be severe and [...]

Belinda Fleischer is a single mom to an amazing son, an aunt, a daughter, a sister, a loyal friend, a nurse, a caregiver and a breast cancer survivor. Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do or why they happen to you? Often the reason may not become apparent until much later, when you have the chance to reflect. I went for my annual mammogram in August [...]

Sharon Hagins has two daughters and five wonderful grandchildren and loves to crochet and travel. She has worked at Florida Blue for 31 years. Sharon describes herself as a big advocate for early detection and yearly mammograms. Several years ago, I had a lump in my breast. To my relief, it turned out to be dense tissue. Since women with dense breast tissue are at a higher risk [...]

Karla Logston is a registered nurse and diabetes care and education specialist, who is a clinical director at Florida Blue. Karla and her husband love to travel in their RV in their spare time.  I started having annual mammograms at age 40. There was no history of breast cancer in my family, but I had very dense breast tissue so it would be extremely difficult for me [...]

Dr. Elizabeth Malko is a family physician who works for Florida Blue as the vice president and chief medical officer for Medicare Solutions.  No one expects to get breast cancer, especially when you have your annual mammogram faithfully.  So, I was as surprised as anyone. I’m a family physician. I did my monthly breast self-exams and had my mammogram and physi [...]



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