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This year, the Florida Blue Centers are committed to providing classes to our communities that can help everyone live a more centered and fulfilling life. Tune in each month to find out what’s happening in your neighborhood! Meet the Pharmacist: Walgreens Lunch and Learn About Medications June 13, 12 p.m. Join your local Walgreens Pharmacist to [...]

The Ultimate Sacrifice

Posted on May 22nd 2018 by Florida Blue

Originally called “Decoration Day,” the first day of remembrance for our service members was held in 1868. Memorial Day as we know it did not become a designated federal holiday until June 28, 1968, and with that designation began the tradition of a three-day, long weekend. On Memorial Day we remember and honor all those who fought for the freedoms we are so proud to enjoy on a daily ba [...]

Have you ever squinted at the road in front of you and wondered, “Maybe I should stop driving…”? Getting older doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to stop driving one day. You could still be cruising down the road, windows rolled down and blasting Led Zeppelin, well into your 80s and 90s. But for many of us, the time may come when you have to decide whether it’s safe for you to be in t [...]

In 10th grade in St. Augustine, I was just coming into my own as a student-athlete. I was in Mr. Andrews’ math class, and it was full of seniors and juniors. They were all athletes, and as a 10th-grader I was absolutely terrified. But Mr. Andrews made it so easy for me to build a relationship with all those students. Together as a class we laughed, we had a great time learning, and at t [...]

Have questions about what screenings and tests you need to take care of your health this year? Florida Blue wants to make it as easy as possible for our Medicare Advantage members to get the care they need. Getting preventive screenings and tests each year helps your doctor understand what’s going on with your health. These screenings also can detect health problems early, when they are [...]



Archives: May 2018

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