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I’ve worked remotely  for almost 10 years and people have said countless times, “I thought you worked in the corporate office all this time.” Then I chuckle because what they don’t know is that I go to great lengths to make sure they feel that way. I work hard to stay engaged and visible, so people don’t miss having me in the office.  Here are some of my trade secrets: [...]

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Florida Blue Foundation has new Officers and a new Board of Directors following election at the annual meeting of its members and the annual meeting of the Board.  A new Director has been elected and five Directors re-elected to the six-person Board of Directors of the Florida Blue Foundation. The philanthropic affiliate of Florida Blue supports co [...]

ORLANDO, Fla. – Florida Blue Foundation announced the honorees of the Sapphire Awards today from among 13 finalists and 112 nominees from around the state. The awards, totaling $350,000, honor outstanding individuals, programs and nonprofit organizations in community health care, or health care-related fields, whose work is distinguished by leadership, innovation and achievemen [...]

A Walk Toward Wellness

Posted on Apr 20th 2016 by Florida Blue

Since 2006, Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies around the country have taken part in Walk @ Lunch Day in an effort to encourage people to be more active. In today’s busy world, trying to juggle all of your commitments can make it difficult to get the exercise you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, walking at least 30 minutes a day is a great way to improve your health. According to th [...]

“The doctor is a little confused, but it appears you are pregnant.” Not the words I expected to hear from the nurse over the phone while I was driving to work. As a child cancer survivor, I was told I would never have children. My head was spinning. I had long given up my dream of having a child. Once reality hit, I was overjoyed, but then all I could do was look at my stomach, my very [...]

The United Health Foundation has just released a new report, America’s Health Rankings® Spotlight: Impact of Unhealthy Behaviors, that looks at the prevalence of multiple unhealthy behaviors in order to drive awareness and understanding of the health care costs associated with these behaviors and their related chronic conditions. These five unhealthy behaviors were select [...]

There are just some mornings, whether they are Monday or not, that seem a little more taxing than usual. The battery is charged, but we are still not running with optimal performance. Maybe it is because of a long weekend, an impending meeting or having an overly filled schedule. Whatever the reason, we muster up the energy and go forth to make our mark on the world. Taking that extra vitamin D [...]

University of South Florida doctoral student Gabriel Saffold’s idea for the next big thing in health care came from his young son’s beloved toy. When Jingly the Camel’s battery died, electrical engineering student Saffold discovered the process was far more complicated than replacing the batteries in a remote control. He had to buy a specific battery, tear the stuffed animal apart, repl [...]

Volunteers bring breath and depth to our mission of helping communities achieve better health. Today we salute the volunteer efforts of Laura Johnson, an account management specialist on our sales administration team. So Laura, why is volunteering important to you? I think everyone should find a way to support their local communities and the causes that are imp [...]

We are continuing our series on some of our Florida Blue volunteers. Meet Betsy Haddad who is a Provider Solutions Advisor.  She works in our Lake Mary Office and has been volunteering all of her life. Betsy, why is volunteering important to you? My family set a strong example of volunteering in our community and my parents still do volunteer work t [...]